Whether it’s cookies baking in the oven, warm cider on the stove, popcorn popping or the scent of fresh pine, so many smells invoke the feeling of the holidays.  Here are a few ways to have your home smell special, without whipping up a batch of cookies!

Start Clean – One of the first things you need to do to have a good smelling holiday home is to clean.  Refresh the areas that can have bad odors.  The bathrooms, the trash areas and your garbage disposal.  You’d be surprised at home much just these few things will help your home feel fresh even before you add a holiday scent.

Scented Oils – There are so many scented oils out there to choose from, so choose wisely.  One or two scented oils can be used in numerous ways and too much of something can actually make a place unpleasant.  Maybe a citrus scent or a cinnamon or spice scent will do. 

A Simmer – In a pot on the stove (or even a small crock pot) add some water, a stick of cinnamon, orange rind, maybe some anise seed or clove and just heat to a simmer.  The aroma will spread through your home.  This can be done in so many combinations with so many different scents.  Try out several and then find what makes you feel the coziest.

Air Vents – If plug in air fresheners can be too much, try a bit of scented oil on a cotton ball and stick in it the crevice of an air vent.  Or, if you have an air vent that is out of site, put a small bowl of water with some spices or scented oil in it and you will have the added bonus of moisture being added to the air.  Every time the heat kicks in, a subtle scent will go through your home.

Scented Candles – Place these strategically around your home and light a bit before people come over.  This will give a lovely smell when they arrive.  If you don’t want it too strong, just one candle maybe by the entrance of your home so that those with allergies won’t be bothered the rest of the evening. 

The Oven – Of course, you CAN always bake a batch of cookies or some other goody that will fill your home with warmth and wonder for the holidays.  Nothing like warm cinnamon and ginger smells…….  Aaaaaahhhhhhh

This blog was inspired by this article from GoodHousekeeping.com

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