As we get closer to the New Year, we all start to look at our lives and think about what we will do different this upcoming year.  Since I am now an official Realtor, I can’t just write a blog and not make a house analogy, can I? So, let’s take a look at how we can change things in 2019.

Totally New – Brand New House/Brand New Life – Just like you were shopping for a brand new house, maybe you need everything in your life new!  Like a new attitude about things, a new way of doing something or maybe even a new job.  Maybe it’s time to try something totally new. Be adventurous!  Forget the old stuff and move on!

Reno – Redo What You Have/Make Over Your Life – Maybe it’s time for a renovation.  You don’t really need a drastic change in your life, but you have certain areas you need to make over. Maybe lose some weight, maybe decide to help out more at the church this year or at your children’s school.  Maybe there is something else you have been putting off and this year you will change that.  

Downsize – Smaller Home/Downsize Your Life – This year might be the year you downsize your life.  Maybe you have been super busy the last few years and you need to take a step back and let some things go!  Let this be the year that you aren’t too busy to spend time with old friends.  Maybe you need to let some stuff go in your life–physically and emotionally.  It may be time to finally move on from something hurtful you have been through.  It’s time to make things more convenient in your life and less complicated. 

No matter what type of changes you want to make, a new year is a good reason to jump right in.  Make some goals and let this be the year you achieve them.  At the beginning of 2018 I had no idea as to what the year would hold for me.  But I did set a few goals and it feels good to look back and see what I accomplished.  This year, I want to feel even better at the end of the upcoming year! I have a few plans and ideas…!

So HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you out there!  Look forward to the year with excited eyes and an adventurous heart and if you really want to build a new house, renovate the one you have or you need to downsize, I know a good Realtor (or two) that can help you out with that, too!

Until Next Year!

Jen Lush–Associate Broker and Managing Broker’s Mother

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