It’s a New Year!  Full of hopes and dreams and new chances to do new things!  Aren’t you excited?!  

If you are anything like me, you are too exhausted from the last few months that you don’t have any energy left to be excited!  I also NEED that excitement to be motivated.  So how do you get yourself psyched up to move ahead when you feel like you have been a whirlwind for 3 months?  Here are a few things that help me set the tone:

Pre-plan for Next Year – One thing that seems to help out a lot is to make a list for a few things from this past holiday season for the next one.  I go through the menus I had for Thanksgiving and Christmas and try to ditch some things that didn’t work and make notes of what to make less (or more) of for next time.  I take inventory of gift wrapping supplies, get some things at after holiday sales for next year and I start my budget for holiday spending money in January so I have enough put back by October to start my Christmas shopping (unless I find some deals along the way during the year).  It may sound like a lot, but in the scheme of what all the holidays have going, it’s not too much planning ahead.  It’s just enough to make me feel I have a handle on things a bit better for next year.

Un-Decorate ASAP – As soon as you can (depending on if you have your decor up for a specific amount of time or not) un-decorate.  The quicker it’s all put away, the more you can concentrate on what is ahead. 

Change Things Up – With the decorations put away, your home is going to feel more empty again.  Move some furniture around if you can, add some new decor and freshen up the place!  This is also a good time to reorganize and get rid of a few things, since you and your family probably got a bit of stuff during the holiday season.

For me, these three things out of the way not only clears my home, but my head as well.  Seeing results is a great motivator too!  

So say Goodbye to the Holidays and HELLO to the New Year!  Now it’s time to make a list for the new things you want to try…

Until Next Time!

Jen Lush–Associate Broker and Mother of Managing Broker

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