Usually a New Year’s resolution (or two) includes some sort of new healthy practice we want to add to our lives.  Here are a few SMALLER healthy choices we can make (and keep).

I’m gonna…Brush Better – Play a two minute song and brush all the while.  Chances are if you aren’t doing this you teeth aren’t getting clean enough.

I’m gonna…De-Stress More – A few times during your work day, stand up straight against a wall, put your arms out and stretch!  This will help relieve stress and help your body to feel better when you are seated for lengthy times during the day.

I’m gonna…Be Prepared – Use an old medicine bottle and put a few bandages, some tweezers, a couple of pain reliever pills and an antiseptic wipe in it if you can, and pop it in your bag.  You will have a tiny emergency kit with you wherever you go! 

I’m gonna…Walk Faster – Don’t have a lot of time to walk more? Then walk FASTER.  Pick up your pace a little more each day to help burn a few more calories and get your heart pumping.

I’m gonna…Smile More – Your brain actually releases chemicals to calm anxiety when you smile–even if you fake it!  So think happy thoughts and let it go!  Plus, a nice side effect is possibly someone smiling back at you!

This blog was inspired by an article in the January 2019 Issue of Good Housekeeping.

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