Old Towels & Linens – You will probably get some new things anyway, so throw out the worn towels and linens.  *Tip–use to pack some of your stuff, then throw them out when you unpack.

Unused Appliances – Ditch the unused items.  Do not donate or give away especially if they are old.

Unworn Clothes – As you go through closets, get rid of items you haven’t worn or seldom do.  Donate to the Salvation Army, Goodwill or some other local charity that can use them.

Duplicates & Souvenirs – You don’t need more than one of the same thing, and take a picture of some of your souvenirs to keep the memory, then toss.

Cosmetics & Toiletries – Now is a good time to get rid of the open, semi used products that you have had lying around for a while. They can make a mess when you move and they might not be good anymore anyway depending on how long you have had them.

Cords & Cables – If they don’t belong to something that you are using right now and are just stored from items in the past, dump them.

Paperwork – Purge your files of old paperwork you no longer need and to make things even easier, digitize the ones you do so that you don’t wind up with a pile of papers you don’t need in the future.

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