We are only ten days into January and you are probably already dealing with the stress of several changes in your life.  From your health insurance and job changes, to personal changes you promised yourself you would start “after the new year” it can all add up and be overwhelming.  Change isn’t something I like in general.  In fact, I have been know to severely DISLIKE it.  But, the older you get the more you know it’s going to happen and you can’t do anything to stop it–so you learn to deal with change as best as you can.  Here are a few things I do to keep from having a full blown panic attack at times and to make sure I don’t forget important changes as well.

Write Things Down – This is one of the first things I do with most anything, is write it down.  When something is changing in my life, I write down what it is and what I need to do to prepare for it.  Some things are as easy as putting in a calendar just to remember to do it, but other things are bigger, more complicated changes and you may need to write down a game plan on how to tackle it.  Sometimes just seeing it on paper makes it less scary.  Also, when I write things down I remember them better and even will get ideas on how to tackle the new situation or thing as I am writing at times.  Lists are also one of my favorite tools (as most of you know)!

Be Repetitive with Your Actions – When I have a new change at my job, such as learning new software, if I mess with it every day, it helps me to learn it quicker.  I read somewhere once that if you do something for 21 days consecutively it becomes a habit. So if you are changing something in your routine, the more you are repetitive with it, the more it will become natural to you.  Also, practice makes perfect!

Give Things a Good Chance – If one of the changes you are making is something new you just want to try, make sure you give whatever it is the best chance to succeed.  Adding a healthy lifestyle change can be difficult but worth it in the long run, but if you only make the change for a week, you might not see the results you want to see.  New medications take time, exercising takes time, eating better takes time to show in your health as well as your body. Set a short term goal to evaluate the changes you have made, and a longer term one to see if there is marketable improvement.  There are times I have found myself complaining for a week or two, and then, I slowly adjust to whatever change there was.  If a month, or two goes by and there isn’t at least some measure of progress, I may ditch it.  No sense wasting your valuable time on something that just isn’t going to work for you.

When All Else Fails, Pray – Some changes happen we can truly do nothing about.  We can write until the cows come home, face it day in and out and give it our best shot and we may still have had a change that is not only hard but so incredibly difficult to deal with.  Sometimes counseling can help in some of those situations, but in others, I find the one thing that really always helps me cope is prayer.  There is something that releases in your spirit when you give it up to God.  I know this is a real estate blog (for the most part) but whether you believe or not, realizing that you can’t deal with something on your own and choosing to let it go can make a world of difference in not only how you see the change, but how you deal with it from then on.  You gain some perspective and insight you may not have had before you pray.  Plus, it’s always a good reminder that you can’t control everything. 

Honestly, I’m glad for that….being in control of everything is a lot of responsibility!

As always, if you are looking to change your home this year, I know a few Realtors that can help you get that change started!

Until Next Time!

Jen Lush–Associate Broker and Managing Broker’s Mother

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