Nearing the end of July, we start to think about how summer is about over, school will be starting soon and it will be back to business as usual.  Make sure you make the most of this little bit of time, before that happens!

Last Time for Family Fun – Okay, so the end of the summer isn’t the last time for family fun for the year, however, it might be the last time (for a while) before everyone can get together without sports schedules, school schedules and work schedules and have some outdoor fun!  Even if you have already made the most of your vacation time and pool time, pick something else that is usually only done in the summer and do it with your family one last time!  Picnic?  Cool evening walk?  One last trip to the lake or beach (if you live close) or maybe even the zoo.  Get together and do it before everyone gets back into the fast moving track again!

Last Grilling Party – It’s time for that last grilling party with the abundance of garden stuff you have left.  Enjoy your outdoor evening lights while you can and invite some friends over so you can enjoy their company while you sit outside and enjoy the weather.  If it’s hot, include some water fun outside and maybe some cooling off time inside at some point, too.

Last Summer Yard Touches – Get any other big outdoor maintenance projects done now before it starts getting chilly and rainy in the fall.  Make sure your landscaping is ready for the fall and winter and repair that fence you have been meaning to all summer.  

Getting Ready for School – Get your back to school lists and get out there and get what everyone needs!  Things go quickly and whether your kids are in preschool or heading off to college, it’s time to get the last minute things you have been putting off all summer so they are ready.  It may be too hot to get a bunch of clothing, but, it’s a good time to get the kids the shoes they need.  In the heat, their feet will be a bit larger and chances are their shoes will be able to last a tad longer if they are a tad bigger.  For those of you who don’t have kids going off to school, collect some things you can donate to a cause to help area children with things they need or bless the neighbor kid with some spending money before he goes to college, or buy your grand kids some of their school supplies to help Mom and Dad out.  One other nice thing to do is, if you have been waiting for a time to have the grand kids overnight or for your kids to have a slumber party of sorts, now is the time to get that done because school will be starting and then the late night fun will come closer to an end.

Be mindful of how quickly time flies and enjoy the remnants of our summer season.  Maybe even get a group of friends together for one last night at the Drive In!–Jen Lush

Photo Credit: Garett Mizunaka

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