For the most part vacations are over.  It’s time to begin to plan the back half of the year!

Save the Date(s) – This is the time to start your holiday party planning for work and home.  Let others know when you want to schedule things as well as put other dates in your calendar so you don’t forget.  Also, put goal dates in your calendar for the rest of the year as well as deadline dates.  If you do it now, everything should stay on track so you can end the year with a lot accomplished!  

Secure the Schedules – With school starting again, you will get calendars for all the kids’ activities as well.  You will have to plan around ball games and the school play!  At your job, you may have a project beginning or end dates you need to keep in mind.  In order to keep things running smoothly,  you need to know and remember what is happening with everyone in your family.  Also, make sure your partner is aware of everything in their calendars too.  Hopefully this will help with any scheduling issues and miscommunication problems.

Take Inventory – It’s also a good time to go through your winter wardrobes to see what is needed or lacking and to take inventory of your home’s needs as well.  Clean up areas the kids have tortured all summer and notice what other updates that your decor may need before the holidays arrive.  It might be time to replenish the cupboards with disposable table service and put away things you have let stay out because the kids were home all day.  Maybe you need some extra school supplies in the house for those who will need them for homework or maybe you just need to get your home office functioning better since you will be in it more often now that vacation time is done.  It’s a great time for the kids to really clean their bedrooms and get them ready before school starts too, so they can start off with a fresh, clean slate.

Make a List (or 10) – Of course, while you are doing one or all of the above things listed, it will be a good time to make lists of things you need, need to do or goals of things you want to finish before the end of the year.  Somehow, writing them down and then crossing off tasks when you are done gives a sense of accomplishment.  It helps keep you focused and can break down big projects to one item at a time.  

So get out there and start planning the rest of the year!  Finish this year with a triumphant “BANG” and be ready for the new goals and tasks you will be adding next year!

Until Next Time!

-Jen Lush, Associate Realtor and Mother of Managing Broker
Photo Credit: Kyle Glen

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