Are you tired of your rental, but can’t buy a home yet?  Check out these simple things you can to do revamp your rental so you can keep it fresh and enjoy it for a little longer!

Use Color – A simple update you can do is to use paint or removable wall paper in a space to transform the feeling and the look.  Maybe you can use paper to make a tile-look backsplash in a kitchen, or create an accent wall.  It is also one of the least expensive, high impact changes you can make!

Lighting Can Change – Change out a lighting fixture in the space, just be sure to keep the old one so you can put it back before you move out. This can make a space feel more modern or current, or just have better functionality according to your needs.

Create Simple Storage – Add shelving for more storage either on a wall in a room, or maybe convert a closet to a library for your books or for use as a make shift pantry.  How about a high shelf above a window so it doesn’t use up wall space? Also, add a new furniture piece (or two) that not only functions as a piece of furniture, but, can store things too. 

Patio Pizzazz – Make your patio feel like a mini secret garden.  Add some potted plants, comfortable seating and maybe hang some outdoor lights to make a drab area a nice place to be.  If you have no view, but an ugly fence, think of the fence as an outdoor wall and decorate it with outdoor friendly pictures, a wreath or other hanging plants.  Just because it’s small, doesn’t mean it can’t be amazing!

Personal Touches – Anytime you add personal framed pictures or items that mean something to you, those are the things that will make any space feel like a home.  Use your rental to practice some decor that you might like in your future home to see if it will work for you.  Have respect for your rental like you would want others to have in your future home and it will feel like your special place regardless.  

Of course, before you jump into any updates, check with your landlord as to what is or isn’t allowed in your space, then use your own ideas and style to make the place shine for you!

This blog was inspired by an article in Cottages & Bungalows Magazine, the April/May 2019 Issue.

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