Whether you have kids in school or not, it’s still that time of year.  School starts around here this week (if you are somewhere else in the country reading this, it will happen shortly where you are too) and a lot of things seem to change.  It doesn’t matter that my youngest will be 26 this year (wow), when school starts back up it affects my life too! As the yellow buses start roaming our streets, here are some things you need to be ready for:   

Traffic Alert – As I just mentioned, buses will be roaming our streets again.  This means that the local traffic situation will change and we need to be alert and prepare for that.  Certain times of the day, as people are going to and from area schools, things will start to move slower and if you need to be out and about at those times, make sure you allow for extra time for that.  Also, with buses running, there will be kids out VERY EARLY in the morning standing on roadside corners.  Kids don’t always pay attention to the traffic, so you need to keep a watch out for them so that they can stay safe.  After school, some will be walking along the road (or in the road in some subdivisions) so be extra careful.  Keep in mind how the weather is too.  During school months, if the weather is bad, school may be delayed and you might be caught in traffic at a different time than you expected.  Be Aware.

Activities & Fundraisers – With school back in session, the extra activities start and so do the school fundraisers!  Have a game plan as to how you want to handle this BEFORE the knocks come on your door for this activity or that one.  A lot of times you may see the same kid each year for a few years and you can help make a difference for them and their club or school activity.  We all can’t give to everyone, but we all CAN help SOMEONE.  Our rule generally is to stick to helping those out in our neighborhood.  If we help our schools keep up good programs for the kids, we are helping our community and therefore even our bottom line when it comes to our home’s value.  Good school districts and areas are a big asset when your home is being valued to sell.  So keep your local schools going well by helping out and attending some local activities.  

Changes in Personnel – As school starts back up, some office interns head back to school, so work loads may increase for you.  Young people who worked full time summer jobs may not be available to work as much when school starts back up and it will take a bit for all sorts of different businesses to pick up the slack and settle back in to a good routine.  Be patient. Make sure you cut some slack to others the same way you would want someone to be patient with you when you have lost an extra set of helpers to get a job done quickly.

Changes in Business Times – After the summer vacation time is over, some movie theaters stop matinee times during the week, library programs change and maybe some restaurants might change their “free meals for kids” days (or evenings).  Find out about your favorite spots so you know if there are any changes or not.  Some home service companies may change their times of doing things as well.  If a mowing or landscaping service has employed a student for the summer, they may change the times they will be at your home because of the change in help.  It may take a bit to get someone over to do something new if they are short handed again.  Also some amusement parks change their weekday hours and some summer food stands close for good until the next summer season.

A lot of parents who have been in the swing of Back-to-School may be very aware of what all changes when it’s that time again.  For those of us who aren’t in that swing yet (or have grown kids) it’s good to be aware that things may change a bit in the coming months, so let’s be prepared.

Until Next Time!

Jen Lush, Associate Broker and Mother of Managing Broker
Photo Credit: Element5 Digital 

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