Let’s face it; there are no perfect homes.  Even if your home has a flaw (or two) here are some things you can do to flip that flaw into something positive and have a great open house.

Curb Appeal Update – Updating the exterior of your home will make people want to see the inside as well.  So remove clutter from the yard, keep the grass and shrubs nicely groomed and maybe even do some paint touch ups.  First impressions make a big difference in how others see the overall picture.

Special Touches – Add something special in each room to give it a positive touch.  Nice little decor items or something to make each room feel unique and special.

Treat the Senses – Make sure your home smells good, looks good and feels good. Keep the temperature comfortable for everyone and have it as light and bright as you can!  Make sure the pets are away, and their smells with them.  Maybe bake some cookies for an added yummy smell!

Push Positives – If you have a big master suite, great big yard, newly renovated kitchen or bathroom, TALK THEM UP!  Push any big positive item you can in your home.  

Count the Cost – If there are some things that are less desirable (that you can’t fix yourself) get some estimates for the cost of those changes and have that available for your buyers.

Package Deal – AND if you want to one up that, throw in the cost for a big change as a “package deal” when you put your home on the market in the form of an allowance on your home.  Then, the big fix might not seem so big if the buyer knows that is covered in the reduced price of the home.

Think of different reasons you have loved your home and use those things to stimulate your creative ideas to make your home stand out as the special place it is!

This blog was inspired by this article from Realtor.com.
Photo Credit: Milly Eaton

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