If you are tired of the same old design ideas, then it is time to step out of your comfort zone and do something different.  Here are a few suggestions to get you started on a new exciting path of decorating!

Don’t Line It Up – Having your furniture perfectly symmetrical can make a space feel more formal and uninviting.  Using some asymmetry in your style will give it a more casual flow. Like instead of two identical chairs on either side of a table, go for one chair next to the table and maybe another across the room.   

Do Mix It Up – It’s good to use a mix of styles in a space. Industrial mixed with vintage or a modern mixed with traditional decor can add layers of interest in a room.

Don’t Be Dull – Use contrast in a space to liven it up! Different metal finishes or wood tones can create some contrast in a space.  Using some bright fabrics with darker furniture or some man made materials with all natural ones will make the space feel alive.

Do Be Bold – Add some bold color or colors to the space or how about some amazing prints or patterns in wallpaper or fabrics?  Don’t be afraid to try your hand with something bold in a room. You can help it keep from getting too “out there” by using bold walls and more neutral furniture or vice versa. 

Don’t Match It – Non matching dining room chairs or other styles of furniture are good.  Maybe use the same consistent color (or colors) to give the “feel” of things matching.

These are just some ideas to get you to crash out of your comfort zone when you are decorating your home!  What kinds of other ideas can you mix up to make things new, exciting and different?!–Jen Lush

This blog was inspired by the Summer 2019 Issue of Magnolia Journal.

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