The last few weeks I have been talking about how fast the end of the year is approaching and how we need to make the most of it.  Today, I am speaking to those fellow procrastinators who don’t just need a “push” to finish out the year strong, they need a “shove” to get started on SOMETHING before the year ends–whether it be for work, family or personally! Here’s a few steps towards your walk off the cliff:

Take Inventory – Whatever it is that you have been avoiding dealing with, now is the time to take inventory of the situation.  Whether it’s been to lose weight since January or to start that home project you meant to get done all summer or the new idea you have had for work but just haven’t put it into play, think about what all it may take to START the task at hand!  Get it down on paper, along with the tools it might take to get started.  

What is Lacking? – After you have assessed the situation and have a visual lock on what you will need to do, dig deeper and look at the tools or steps in the project that is truly the hardest to achieve.  Circle those problem areas and think of a strategy to hit those first.  I had a friend once who told me to think of facing problems like when you shave your legs (men you might have to find another analogy): If you shave the hardest to reach leg first, then the rest is easy.  So if you face the hardest part of the situation first, the rest is much easier to deal with.  If you do all the easy things first, then when you face the big tasks it can be overwhelming and take much longer to achieve your goals.  

What is Working? – Now, after you know what you need to tackle first, look at all the places that you have been accomplishing your goals.  Think of how those strengths can play into your project you need to get done.  Better yet, think of all the things you AREN’T struggling with accomplishing and make note of all the good you HAVE done this year already!  When you see that list, your confidence will build back up and give you a bit more momentum to tackle what you need to.  More likely than not, your list of accomplishments will well out weigh those things you haven’t faced yet.

Reset & Recharge – Now you need to forget all the time that has slipped through your fingers while you weren’t facing those goals or issues.  You need to decide that you get a “do over” and reset your brain that now is the time to start.  On top of that, you need to find something that will re-ignite that fire you had when you first promised yourself you were going to lose weight, fix the fence in the backyard or reorganize the way you need to do things at work.  Fill your thoughts with how good it will feel to just START on the project–just knowing you aren’t putting it off anymore. 

We all have things that we are successful at accomplishing and those things we just can’t seem to get started on in our lives.  Use the last half of this year to take a leap of faith and start on one of those long ignored tasks.  Dive head first into it.  By the end of the year, you may be surprised at what all you get done!  In fact, you might even have to pick your brain to find some new goals to ignore when the New Year rolls around!

Until Next Time!

Jen Lush–Associate Broker and Mother of Managing Broker
Photo Credit: Social.Cut

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