Whatever your house may look like on the inside, everyone sees the outside of your home first.  Even if the home is beautiful on the inside, if the outside is a mess, it will affect the overall view of the home.  If you are selling your home, this is even more important.  You don’t want to lose buyers before they even have seen the inside of your home.  The reverse is also true.  If the outside of your home is welcoming and enticing, a lot of people may overlook some of the home’s flaws when they enter because of the wonderful “feeling” the home may give off at first glance.  If you need to update your home’s first impression, here are a few things to get it done:

Front Door Welcome – Just replacing or painting the front door will help the home feel more approachable.  When we remodeled our foreclosure last year, the outside was in pretty good shape except the doors.  The front door was dated and faded and the side door to the garage was nailed shut!  Talk about an awful first impression!  When we replaced both those doors, the home no longer felt scary and unapproachable (even if the inside wasn’t done yet!).  

Pleasant Porch – Whether you have a large enough porch to add seating, or just big enough for a potted plant, added homey touches makes the home more welcoming.  Seasonal decor such as a wreath also makes your home feel lived in and loved.  

Paint It Up – Another thing that may add to a bad first impression is peeling or faded paint. It might just need a touch of paint on the trim to refresh the outside, however, if the whole house needs to be painted, it is well worth the investment for your home to have it done–whether you are selling it or not.  A little paint can go a long way in how your home is perceived. 

Pretty Plants – Maybe your home looks pretty good on the outside–except your landscaping is either lacking or overgrown.  I never realized what a difference the landscaping makes in how I view my own home until I didn’t have ANY at one home we lived in or how I felt when it was severely neglected at another.  Just pulling in the driveway would bring me down if it was lacking and it changed completely when it was fixed.  It doesn’t take much either.  Where we live now, there are so many areas that have been neglected for so long and it will be costly to update it all completely, however, we had someone come and at least trim and get rid of dead plants and it lifted the look (and my spirit) of the house so incredibly!  So spruce up that landscaping and others will feel good when they see your home too!

Little Touches – Adding little touches can make a home more inviting, like updating the house number on the home, or changing the mailbox.  Maybe add a few window boxes with some beautiful flowers, or just update your window treatments on the inside so they look nice outside. 

When you update your home’s first impression, you will be able to tell the difference when you pull in your driveway from an outing.  It will make you smile and feel good and if that happens with you, it will happen with your guests too.–Jen Lush

This blog was inspired by an article in the April/May 2019 Issue of Cottages & Bungalows.
Photo Credit: Chris Gonzalez

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