We all love a functional, clean, up-to-date kitchen, but there are some vintage features that still may be more functional and maybe should be a standard in a lot of kitchens today.

Farmhouse Sink – This vintage feature is popular now because of their vintage aesthetic, however they have a lot of benefits in function as well.  Their large size is great for washing large pots and pans and the front apron is also ergonomically friendly, which is nice if you are standing at a sink for any length of time. 

Butcher Block Counter – These have been around for decades, however, today a lot of people opt for a stone counter top or island.  However, the butcher block offers some features that are even better.  First, they are easy enough to maintain, they can be less expensive, they add warmth to a space and, of course, you can safely cut on it. 

Built Ins – Breakfast nooks, built in shelving, hutches, spice and plate racks may be disappearing, but, they offer some cool aesthetics as well as function.  Breakfast nooks can be a nice place to have a quiet breakfast or snack, or offer a place for kids to do some homework and not take up valuable counter space.  Other built-ins offer convenience by keeping things handy as well as adding beauty to a space.  Bright, vibrant spices and tableware can be seen and not be hidden behind a cabinet door.  

Hoosier & China Cabinets – Not only can these be attractive pieces of furniture, but, they can offer a bunch of storage space for a kitchen that may not have a lot of cabinets! Hoosier cabinets have the added benefit of a small work space, while formal china cabinets can become a beautiful focal point for a dining room or kitchen to not just showcase china, but, other things you would like to display.

You may have other vintage kitchen items you love and think should be brought to the forefront of a modern kitchen as well.  Function is always a must in a kitchen, however, vintage beauty can make the room a special place people love to be in as well!

This blog was inspired by this article from BobVila.com.
Photo Credit: BobVila.com

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