The Farmhouse aesthetic has become a popular design choice because of shows like Fixer Upper on HGTV. However, some of the features of this style have become a little tired.  Here are some ideas on how to take this timeless style, perk it up a bit and make it your own!

Open Shelving VS. Quirky Items – Instead of adding open shelving to display some farmhouse-ish items, why not put a quirky item on the wall such as an old sign, a bread peel or maybe an old washboard?  Use items that speak to you and aren’t formal in style. 

Prefab Floors VS. Hardwoods – Instead of flooring that looks the same in everyone’s home, pay a bit more and go with white oak flooring that you can stain whatever shade you want.  Plus, with proper care, they will hold up for generations to come!

Shiplap VS. Other Wall Coverings – If you like the look of a horizontal pattern, but, shiplap just isn’t for you, try some wallpaper with horizontal lines. Or, maybe you like shiplap but are tired of the all white walls.  Paint the lower half of a wall a dark color.  This will add contrast, break up the white and bring definition to the lines that the shiplap provides.

All White VS. Color – Instead of all white, choose a bold color palette to accent with in the space.  Add some bright dining room chairs or paint your built in shelves a bold color.  Adding pops of a bold color will still allow the space to feel fresh, but it will also add some interest and warmth to a space.  It will also help a huge farmhouse room feel more cozy. 

Farmhouse style has been around for a long time and people continue to be drawn in to some traditional elements of days gone by.  Just because something has been around a while, doesn’t mean it can’t be spruced up for the next generation!

This blog was inspired by an article from Country Living Magazine, the September 2019 Issue.
Photo Credit: Paige Cody

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