Our garages can become the “catch all” to all sorts of things we don’t want inside the house, but, also just don’t want to get rid of.  The weather will be changing soon, so it’s time to clean out and organize your garage! 

Visualize & Plan – Before you start a big project, you need to picture what you want to keep in your garage and where you want to keep it.  Decide which area may be for appliances of some sort, cabinets, shelving or other spaces to keep things. Check out your local hardware store for different storage solutions to know what you need and what it may cost, but wait until you are farther along in the organization process before you buy, so you don’t buy a bunch of things that may not work for your finished space.

Remove Everything/Ditch & Sell – The next step is to remove everything from the garage, making a pile of things to keep, things to sell or donate and one to throw away!  Make sure if you are donating or throwing away that if they are hazardous materials, you do that properly.

Reorganize With Storage Choices – Now, according to which area of your garage your are going to store things, choose what type of storage items you want to use.  If you have a workbench area, you might want a peg board for the wall or some open shelving.  If you are storing away holiday items or other things, plastic storage bins on big heavy duty shelves might be good.  There are also racks you buy to hang rakes, shovels or other long tools. 

Check out the link below for a lot of more detailed ideas and items to help your garage become glorious!

This blog was inspired by this article from BobVila.com.
Photo Credit: Bruce Mars

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