The cold, winter months are approaching and we all dread the added expense in our utilities, however there are some things you can do to keep your home warmer and maybe turn the thermostat down a tad bit this year!

Block Drafts – Besides weather stripping, new windows or applying plastic over all the windows, I suggest “dressing” your windows warmer by adding heavier coverings and keeping them closed at night or on particularly windy and cold days.  Also, make sure you block air from escaping under the front and back doors by adding something to block it. 

Use the Sun/Use Humidifier – During the day, if you have windows that get a lot of natural sunshine, open the blinds and let it pour in and then close them again when the sun goes down.  Also, adding a humidifier will not only help with the dry air in the winter, but, it does help warm a room up too.  

Keep Kitchen Cozy – Add a pot of water on the stove with some cinnamon sticks, orange peels or other potpourri type of items and it will not only keep your kitchen a tad warmer, but make your kitchen smell good, too! Also, bake some meals or treats and have a pot of soup going or make some hot chocolate or a pot of tea.  All of these things will help keep a kitchen cozy.

Feet Covered/Layered Dressing – If you have done all of these things, but still feel the chill even after you have done them, what will help you to feel more warm in the winter is keeping yourself covered and warm. If you are all covered up but your feet are cold, you will be cold, so cover those tootsies and that will help the most.  Also, layer your clothing and wear a hat when you are out in the cold especially.  You lose a ton of body heat through the top of your head, so cover it up!

Warm Up the Bed – When you are settling in during a “long winter’s night” warm up the bed first with an electric blanket, then turn it off while you sleep.  Use plenty of cozy blankets and quilts as well.  If all else fails, keep your socks on!  This will keep you warmer at night than you might imagine!

I hope this gives you some ideas on not only how to keep your home warm and your bills lower, but, also how to keep yourself warm and cozy during the winter as well.

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