Most of us entertain guests in our living or family rooms.  Here are some ideas to warm it up for the holiday season!

Comfy Elegant Furniture – During the holiday season, a lot of us decorate with festive decor, so we generally end up re-arranging the furniture.  Why not add either a new piece of furniture or bring in one in from another room for some extra seating or table space.  Think of what will make a room full of guests feel welcome and encourage them to stay for a bit!  

Pleasing Palette – Decorate your living area with festive colors and pleasing smells.  Don’t over decorate because that can make your room feel more crowded and you don’t want your guests to feel closed in.  

Old & New Elements – Use some heirlooms and new functional fixtures in the room and for your serving utensils.  It’s nice to have a beautiful platter, but, maybe some modern tongs would be better for serving from the tray!  Use vintage stemware for your guests with a popular drink or if it is a large party, maybe disposable cups filled with an old recipe for wassail or some other festive beverage.  Using both elements will make your party charming and special.

Tasty Treats – Sometimes guests drop in over the holidays.  Have a tray of tasty treats to give to your guests.  Have dishes of store bought candies and then have trays of homemade cookies and treats for your holiday parties.  They can help themselves and it will be a nice way to welcome someone into your home!

This blog was inspired by an article in Romantic Homes the January 2019 Issue.
Photo Credit: Sweta Meininger

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