There are so many different ways you can decorate your home for the holiday season.  You can do a new, modern take with non-traditional elements and make them festive.  However, if you are looking for a simpler, classic holiday display in your home, here are some guidelines for you to follow:

Use Classic Colors – One way to keep it simple, classic and even vintage is to use the classic colors of that holiday in the same hues throughout in different areas.  Even non-traditional decor items can look holiday ready if they are in the right color.  Some traditional holiday colors are accented with a metallic items as well, so use them as an additional element.  

Use Classic Patterns – Some patterns are more traditionally associated with certain holidays.  Gingham for summer festivities, plaids for Christmas and maybe floral patterns for some spring holidays.  What patterns make you think of that holiday you are decorating for?

Use Classic Characters & Symbols – Around any holiday, generally, there are classic story characters or symbols associated with that holiday; use them in your display(s) as well.  

Make a Mantle Memorable – A fireplace mantle can be a beautiful focal point no matter what holiday it is, if you keep these simple tips in mind:
1. Choose something to be the main focus.  You can have it be on the wall or standing on the mantle itself.
2. Do use the wall for your decor, too.  You can hang things or lean them up against the wall to add depth.
3.  Garlands hanging on a mantle can be made of most anything–just remember the other guidelines to keep it classic. 
4. You may have to move things around a few times before you find the right combination of items on a mantle.
*No mantle? Hang stockings on a wall on a string, or use a couch table against a wall or some other table and decorate it like it is a mantle. You can have a beautiful display just about anywhere.

Just because something is classic, it doesn’t mean it is old, boring or cookie cutter.  Use your imagination to keep your classic holiday decor fresh and beautiful this holiday season!

This blog was inspired by a few articles in the 2018 issue of Country Sampler Christmas Decorating.
Photo Credit: Mick Haupt

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