We are all used to getting things quickly and easily today.  We can shop for the holidays on our phones and get food from a restaurant without waiting in line or even going inside!  When it comes to getting the bigger things we want, it can come easier and more quickly than you think, if you just learn to save for it.  Here are a few ideas to help you get started on that road to that great vacation or new car:

Set Goals –What is it you want to save for?  Set a reasonable goal to save for it.  Make long term ones and some easy, short term ones to keep you pumped up to save!  Picture riding around in that new car or sitting on that beach sipping a nice cool beverage–the more you see it, the more it will become a reasonable, attainable goal.

Make a Plan – Now, make a plan to achieve those goals.  What can you put aside each payday?  What can you change in your lifestyle to help save more each time?   What things can you sell to add to the savings?  Is there some ways you can make extra money to achieve your savings goals? Use your imagination! 

Work the Plan – You have a plan in place, now you just need to follow it!  Do your best NOT to STRAY from from the plan. Each week you will see your savings grow.  Some weeks it may be difficult to stick to it, but short term sacrifices will help keep the long term goals in your view.

Adjust as Necessary – Of course, there may be times you have something happen that extra money needs to go to or you may have extra money you can apply to your savings.  Adjust as you need to, but keep going forward with your plan.  Remind yourself why you are saving and do your best not to lose your vision of what you want and you will be fine working your NEW plan as well!

This blog was inspired by this article from EveryDollar.com.
Photo Credit: Michael Longmire

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