I figure it’s January and we all are setting our goals on different things in our lives for the New Year.  I will be writing about some of the usual things as we go through the month, but for starters I wanted to begin with some goal ideas for our homes for this year!  

Maintenance & Cleaning Goals – I don’t know about you, but, there are always things I need to maintain better on my house and things I need to super clean every so often; however, I seem to keep putting them off or I seem to forget they need to be done when I do have the time.  This year, why not put some of those goals on your calendar–maybe seasonally or monthly, depending on the task.  From smoke detector batteries and furnace maintenance to cleaning out the gutters and power washing the patio, there is a slew of things you need to do to keep your home in tip top shape. 

Decor Goals – Is there some painting you would like to do or new furniture you need to save for?  Maybe you need to clean out that extra bedroom and use it in a new way.  Whatever your decor needs are, make some goals as to when to get it done.  I have lived in this home now for over a year and a half and I have yet to add a sofa to my front living room.  It’s time for me to set some decor goals, too!

Reno Goals – Is there something in your home that actually needs more than just some simple redecorating?  Maybe you need to redo your laundry room, or finally get that new vanity in your master bath.  How about making not only a financial goal to get it done, but, add a timeline so you can have it ready by this next fall or before the holidays and Aunt Carol visits?!

I have found in my life, I always seem to have “house goals” when I am getting ready to move out of one house or into another and sometimes the house goals fall by the wayside with all the every day things in life.  I think if we keep up with our home goals, it keeps the love we have for our home alive and well. It also gives us a sense of pride and accomplishment when we can step back and see the continued progress we make. However, there are times our goal needs to be to move on to another home.  If 2020 is that year for you, I know a few people who can help you get started with that goal right away!

Until Next Time!

Jen Lush–Associate Broker, Homeowner & Goal Setter
Photo Credit: Joshua Coleman

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