Whether you are planning on listing your home this year or not, it’s time to put up the clutter and keep your home neat for the new year.  Here are a few tips to help you out:

Put Up Holiday Decor – First, and foremost, put up the holiday decor.  Whether we are just through the winter holidays, or, moving from summer to fall, be sure to put up your seasonal decor when the season changes.  This gives the impression you care about the appearance of your home.  Even if the inside of your home is impeccable, first impressions outside are everything, so don’t forget to change the decor out there too.  

Time for Inventory – As you put up seasonal decor, take inventory.  Get rid of what isn’t as useful anymore (tired of fixing an old decoration) and make a list of what you may need more of next year (not quite enough lights to trim the roof).

Keep Color Scheme Simple – All throughout the year (not just with seasonal decor) keeping a simple color scheme in a room makes it feel less cluttered or messy.  You can have various color schemes within your home, but, too many in one room can look chaotic.  

Limit Table Decor & Accessories – Sometimes a little extra on a dining room table can be festive, however, too much on a table can look cluttered.  In the same way you accessorize in fashion, after you load in your accessories, remove a piece or two from each little area you have accessorized.  This will help limit too much clutter of items in any one area.

Keep Furniture Away from Walls – You may think if everything is against a wall, there is more floor space and therefore less clutter.  The truth is, if you move furniture into the center of a room (grounded with an area rug) this gives the furniture purpose (lovely seating area) and therefore doesn’t seem like just clutter lining the walls.  

No Random Pictures – When you are adding pictures to walls, try to put them in groupings that make sense.  Just a random picture here or there, will make a space look cluttered as well.

Try some of these tips to help your home feel less cluttered this year!

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This blog was inspired by this article from BHG.com (Better Homes & Gardens).
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