Country decor has been in fashion for decades, but, a newer, more modern approach seems to be more popular today.  Here are a few tips to keep this decor style fresh:

Change It’s Use – When you are decorating in modern farmhouse fashion, using old items in the decor is a great choice.  What is a better choice is to re-purpose an older piece into something new.  This avoids large collections of things becoming stuffy.

Change It’s Location – When you are a collector, it may be hard to let go of certain pieces, so one way to keep things fresh is to rotate items.  Seasonal decor changes can keep things looking new and more interesting.  No need to get rid of things when you can put some away for a period of time!

Change the Amount – As with any collections, you do need to make sure you keep the decor simple and edit yourself.  There is a fine line between a great arrangement of items and a cluttered mess.  A simple arrangement allows pieces to stand out instead of being lost in a crowd and besides, you can only store so much stuff.  Sometimes, you need to let go of something to add a new piece of interest.

I hope these simple tips will keep you inspired in your modern farmhouse decorating and add some new freshness in your home. –Jen Lush

This blog was inspired by an article in Country Sampler Magazine, Christmas Edition 2018.
Photo Credit: Jen Theodore

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