Evansville DOWNTOWN

During World War II, Evansville was a major center of industrial production and, as a result, it helped wipe away the last lingering effects of the Depression. A huge 45 acre shipyard complex was constructed on the riverfront east of St. Joseph Avenue for the...
Evansville East Side

The history of Evansville, Indiana spans hundreds of years, with thousands of years of human habitation. The area's geography and location on a bend in the Ohio River attracted people from the earliest times. Because of its position on the river and...
Evansville North Side

The "Uptown" of Evansville just north of downtown, North Main Street envisions itself becoming a vibrant, "hip and cool" neighborhood where businesses flourish.

As a town situated on the fertile banks of the Ohio River, Newburgh has a long and rich history of human activity. Westernexplorers first arrived in the area in the 17th century. But for centuries prior to that it had beeninhabited by the Shawnee and was...
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