Evansville North Side

The Up and Coming Renovated North Side

The "Uptown" of Evansville just north of downtown, North Main Street envisions itself becoming a vibrant, "hip and cool" neighborhood where businesses flourish. This district will become the transportation model for all future developments in the city. Restaurants that have been here for decades –Dilegge's Italian Restaurant and Turoni's Pizza & Brewery, to name two – welcome the new look that is coming with bikeways, pedlanes, along with new bars, restaurants, and retail to follow.

Iconic Bosse Field with its ivy-covered walls sits at the north end of North Main in the urban haven called Garvin Park, a neighborhood park with a lake for fishing or feeding the geese, recreational areas for play and picnics, and winding roads where an afternoon drive or walk makes the experience on North Main even more enjoyable. Events are held here throughout the year from spring through winter. 

Copy from VisitEvansville.com

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